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8 de Março de 1857

No Dia 8 de Março de 1857, morreram aproximadamente 130 mulheres carbonizadas, quando foram trancadas na fábrica de tecelagem, em Nova York, onde trabalhavam, por estarem em greve. Em homenagem a estas mulheres, em 1910, declarou-se o dia 8 de Março como o “Dia Internacional da Mulher”.

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zeperdi disse...


Não creio que esta estória seja verdadeira. A wikipédia (que vale o que vale) diz o seguinte:

"A popular apocryphal story which surfaced in French Communist circles[81][82] claimed that women from clothing and textile factories had staged a protest on March 8, 1857 in New York City.[83] The story alleged that garment workers were protesting against very poor working conditions and low wages and were attacked and dispersed by police. It was claimed that this event led to a rally in commemoration of its 50th anniversary in 1907. Temma Kaplan[81] explains that "neither event seems to have taken place, but many Europeans think March 8, 1907, inaugurated International Women's Day."[81] Speculating about the origins of this 1857 legend, Liliane Kandel and Françoise Picq suggested it was likely that (in recent times) some felt it opportune to detach International Women's Day from its basis in Soviet history and ascribe to it a more "international" origin which could be painted as more ancient than Bolshevism and more spontaneous than a decision of Congress or the initiative of those women affiliated to the Party.[82]"